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Our Story

Our Story

Soilless Farming Lab (SFL) is the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa. The brain child of Eupepsia Place Ltd.
SFL has a vision to tackle 5 of the SDG goals using technology, the lab is a way to teach others how to use these technologies as well as make them. SFL will not only teach participants but also work with the participants for 6 months as they grow their path, collaborate to bring to fore what solutions they come up with.

“Food production cannot be seasonal because hunger is not seasonal”

Samson Ogbole – Founder

Who We Are

Soilless farm lab is the smart way to do farm, we understand the basic problem of agriculture today include: maximize production without harming the environment and eliminate postharvest loss. Soilless farm lab is a technology enabler for agriculture, we develop tools, deploy and also train others. We are “soilless” because we do most of our work in the lab and not on the farm.

Our Focus

Our Focus

Our goal is to push for zero hunger, zero poverty, wellbeing and health, clean water and combat climate change with our vision – Technology, Business and Opportunity.



This is the core of our drive, from inception to production and deployment, our approach is such that it must be healthy for the farmer, the consumer and the environment.


It is a profit driven endeavour, thus for participants and practitioners, there is a need to
ensure profitability for continuity, thus the lab will focus also on teaching business skills from seasoned professionals.


Beyond what we are solving, together we will brainstorm on opportunities that exist in the agricultural space and how to step in, we will build bridges and collaborate to ensure we seize them.