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Our Products

All our products are organic.

Why Choose Sfarmlab?

Soilless farm lab is the smart way to do farm! We understand the basic problems facing agriculture (traditional primary crop production) in Africa, and have developed tools to maximize production, encourage youths and motivate women to farm.

We are winners of countless awards, LETS HELP YOU WIN!

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Soilless Farm Lab is the first of her kind in Nigeria, we understand the role of technology in Agriculture. We want to increase automation in the primary production of agriculture as this will remove drudgery, increase efficiency, increase productivity and ultimately profitability.

We understand the fears of many that automation will take away jobs, but we know this is not true as automation will only take away physical repetitive tasks and not jobs, and this will create a new set of jobs. Therefore, our trainings are focused on skill-retooling and up-skilling for our youths to learn new skills, have them positioned for where the world is going. Civilization will change how things are done, it will not replace food but change how we grow our food, how we eat and even where we eat. We want to build youths who are food heroes with global dominance, design a food system that is all encompassing where everyone has a role to play and know how to play it. At Soilless Farm Lab, food is not just a means to tackle hunger, it is the fundamentals of sustainable National development, the bedrock for health and combating diseases, and much more it is the determinant of the DNA of future generations as it pertains survival genes, adaptation, and perfection of the human soul!


Focused on 5 SDG's

SFL has a vision to tackle 5 of the SDG goals using cutting edge technologies.

Immersive Practicals

You would be drilled for greatness. Well crafted practical sessions for better ROI

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Our Partners